Lake Condah Budj Bim

The Budj Bim landscape is a volcanic lava flow in the far southwest of Victoria with Lake Condah at its heart. Gunditjmara people have engineered Lake Condah and the waterways along the Budj Bim landscape to build the world’s oldest freshwater aquaculture systems that covers around 100 square kilometres.

Lake Condah is around 8,000 water bodies and was drained by government authorities in the 1950s. Lake Condah was restored in 2010 by an extensive engagement project lead by the Gunditjmara traditional owners of the site. 

The Lake Condah Budj Bim is part of Gunditjmara Country.

Gunditjmara have used the Lake Condah Budj Bim to farm eels and other fish for the past 8,000 years. This was done through traditional Gunditjmara methods of stone channels, wooden baskets and wood traps.

The Gunditjmara are represented by the Gunditj Mirring Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation; a Native Title prescribed body corporate and a Registered Aboriginal Party under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 VIC.