Doodle Cooma Swamp

Measuring approximately 2000 ha, the Doodle Cooma Swamp forms the southern boundary between the Murray and Murrumbidgee CMAs; and the northern boundary with Henty-Lockhart Road.

Of great geographical importance regharding prior occupation, the Doodle Cooma Swamp sits adjacent to Kengal Aboriginal Place and Livingstone National Park which contains Wiradjuri burial sites.

At its deepest, the Doodle Cooma Swamp reaches 2.2 metres.

Many of the original River Red Gums were removed to be used as railway sleepers for the nearby railway. However, much regenration has occurred over the last fifty years.

The Doodle Cooma Swamp is home to a range of flora, fauna and important sites including:

  • a range of fish species
  • yabbies
  • lobsters
  • turtles
  • frogs
  • thousand of scarred trees and OCHRE sites.
  • many species of eucalyptus trees,
  • acacias,
  • casuarinas
  • alloccasuarinas kurrajongs
  • native grasses
  • orchids
  • wooly ragwort
  • carpet snakes
  • red-belly black snakes
  • brown snakes
  • goannas
  • blue tougue lizards
  • barking owls
  • egrets
  • superb parrots 
  • pelicans
  • cockatoos

The wetland are on the Country of the Walla Walla, Yerong and Waagan Waagan Clans, and the Wiradjuri Nation; of whom are represented by the Waagan Waagan Project Group.